2012 Submissions

Opus of Dusk Classical Song
Duel of Gods Classical Song
Blistering Sands Heavy Metal Song
Thrumming Drum N Bass Song
Sentinel of the Mountain General Rock Song
Maiden of the Apocalypse Miscellaneous Song
Godless Abomination Classical Song
Lurien's Lament Classical Song
Our Last Words Video Game Song
Lurien's Triumph Video Game Song
King Shenanigan Video Game Song
Iron Skies Techno Song
Dark Temple Classical Song
8-Bit Labyrinth Video Game Song
Ultimate Horror Video Game Song
A Thousand Headstones (full) Heavy Metal Song
Confront The Ancients Classical Song
Gia's Lament Classical Song

2009 Submissions

A Thousand Headstones Video Game Loop
Katrina's Theme/Intro Video Game Song
Only The Beginning (loop) Video Game Loop
Game Example (DHD) Video Game Song
Moss And Stone (8-bit/loop) Video Game Loop
The Village In The Valley Classical Loop
Storm of Consciousness Classical Song
Tocatta of Skulls (final) Classical Loop
Temporal Rift Industrial Song
Blasphemy! (loop) Classical Loop
Toccata of Skulls (loop) Classical Loop
Waiting to Die (loop) Classical Loop
Inside the Monolith (loop) Video Game Loop
Imperfection 1.1 Heavy Metal Song
Devil's Armies Classical Song
It Ends Here (metal mix) Heavy Metal Song
Imperfection Heavy Metal Song
Across The Chasm Classic Rock Song
It Ends Here Classical Song
Uncontrollable Funk Song
Dearly Departed Classical Song
Descent Into Chaos Classical Song
Enter The Human Heavy Metal Song
Darkening Hell's Door Classical Song
Temple of the Forgotten Classical Loop
Your Quest Has Failed. Classical Song
Spelunking - mj Ambient Loop
WGDB (final) Classical Song
Speed Boss Batle (full) General Rock Song
Battling Loop - mj Classical Loop
When Gods Do Battle (full) Classical Song
Perfect Machine (w/o lyrics) Heavy Metal Song
Merchant's Port - mj Classical Song
Court Of The Mad King Classical Song
Frenetic - mj Classical Song